I Am Christ Nation
"Not just a church, but a movement"

The Mission

ChristNation is a framework that is impacting people with the opportunity to achieve their potential in Christ and then some.

ChristNation is not just educating people, it’s empowering and enabling them to further their growth, believe in themselves and have the confidence they need to pursue whatever they want in Christ.
ChristNation's mission is to change lives for the betterment of our society in this city, nation and world.


Impact Fridays with ChristNation

Every Sunday at 10:30am, #TeamChristNation gathers at our physical location for worship, fellowship & spiritual development.


E-Church with ChristNation

‘E-Church’ is ChristNation’s ‘virtual’ church. Every month our online congregation gathers to worship and hear from God in a very unique way. ChristNation is not limited in its reach because we utilize social media tools to connect with people all over the nation.

the church for the unchurched

Worship God with Christ Nation!
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Christ Nation
Worship God with Christ Nation
Worship God with Christ Nation
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Rev. Leo Corley
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